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Aquison™ Data Acquisition Platform

Actual Size is 4.0" x 6.0"

The Acquison platform is a real time system used to acquire data from sensors and perform real time control or processing.

The system brings together several hardware disciplines onto one PC board. It incorporates multi-channel 16-bit serial A/D converter, high performance FPGA with 50,000 gates, popular full speed EZ USB microcontroller, and support for many expansion capabilities.

The Acquison platform can serve a variety of applications, ranging from data acquisition with a PDA or host PC, to remote embedded internet data collection and control systems.

Designed to support new product development, the system helps you focus on your own rocket science design additions, rather than reinventing the many Acquison platform features.

Expansion daughtercards may be developed to accommodate specific component or processing needs you may have, such as sensor interfaces, alternate A/D converters, DSP, etc. The Acquison can serve as a base platform to support your product development needs.


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16-Bit A/D converter with 8 single ended or 4 differential inputs - up to 100KHz sampling
FPGA for real time HW controlled acquisition, control, processing and expansion. 50K gates!
Ethernet connectivity (optional) supporting internet web access with a powerful Rabbit 2000 processor.
USB Controller for Full Speed operation - includes a fast microcontroller for your application.
Cypress AN2131QC
Two expansion daughtercards supported to accommodate your interface and custom needs.


Motivations for using the Acquison platform:

Why re-invent another data acquisition system ?

Save money and time using the Acquison expandable platform.

Avoid costly PC cards and inflexible development software

Prove your next product concept faster by using the Acquison.

Leverage Acquison schematics for your production design phase

This is a "One Size Fits Many" platform.


Markets: Medical, Industrial and Commercial

  Serves as a development platform for sensor applications which benefit from USB or Ethernet connectivity.
  Medical - cardiology and pulmonary applications, home monitoring products or any product development which utilizes sensors.

Industrial - production sensor acquisition and control interfaces, from flow sensors to robotic acquisition and control systems, telephony systems or even protocol analyzers.

  Commercial - PDA enabled or remote internet acquisition and controls.



Feature Details
  Single supply operation off the USB connector, or use multiple supplies with the auxiliary power input connector  
  Ethernet and/or USB connectivity plus one RS232 port  
  Add custom daughtercards for your custom interface needs  
  Analog Input range of 0 to 4V for all 8 channel  
  2V and 4V references to daughtercards  
  Digital Expansion connector provides 32 FPGA I/O pins and 3.3V power for daughtercard. FPGA I/O pins are 5V tolerant.  

Analog Expansion connector for up to 8 analog inputs provides clean +4.5V for analog circuitry plus alternate power signals.

  FPGA program may reside in onboard PROM, or be downloaded from the USB host, the RabbitCore, or even over the ethernet connection!!  

FPGA used is the footprint accepts Spartan II devices with 15,000 to 100,000 gates (50K gates standard)


Xilinx and IP core developers provide digital building blocks and FPGA building blocks so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

  A serial EEPROM is dedicated to the FPGA for your use - perhaps to hold calibration constants?  
  RabbitCore RCM2200 module utilized  
  Rabbit 2000 (Z180 derivative) processor, for embedded internet  
  256K Flash, 128K SRAM, 4 serial ports,  
  TCP/IP, UDP, email, web serving are all viable applications  
  Royalty-free TCP/IP stack with source with development SW  
  Acquison FPGA may be loaded from the RabbitCore module  
  Built-in 10Base-T port with RJ-45 jack for LAN or Internet connectivity  
  EZ-USB compliant with USB v1.1 specification  
  Supports isochronous, bulk, control, and interrupt data  
  31 end points - all can be double buffered  
  8K SRAM internal and 32K SRAM onboard  
  I²C controller and serial EEPROM for configuration  
  One or two daughtercards supported  
  Separate digital and analog connectors with separate power too  
  28 FPGA I/O lines to be assigned per your custom FPGA design  
  USB I²C and FPGA I²C serial I/O available for daughtercard use  
  2V, 4V references and auxiliary power available to daughtercards  





Development Tool Strategy
  A) Develop your own designs using tools you may already have  

B) Utilize the Xilinx WebPack tools, including VHDL, Verilog, schematic capture, simulator etc. THESE TOOLS ARE FREE with registration through the Xilinx Free ISE WebPACK site

  C) Have a third party company like Go Technology Corporation develop FPGA code for you  
  A) Utilize Rabbit Semiconductor's Premier C Compiler, complete with royaltee-free TCP/IP stack and functions.  
  B) Develop your own Rabbit software using their libraries.  
  C) Have a third party company like Go Technology Corporation develop Rabbit and Ethernet applications for you.  

A) Use the provided Cypress program to perform bitwise I/O.

  B) Utilize Cypress development tools to write custom applications.  
  C) Have a third party company like Go Technology Corporation develop custom USB firmware for you.  
Expansion Hardware and Daughtercards
  A) Develop your own PC boards for the expansion connectors  
  B) Have a third party company like Go Technology Corporation develop expansion daughtercards for you.  



Adapt™ Design and Development Services

ADAPT = Acquison Data Acquisition Platform Tailoring

Go Technology engineers are ready to assist you in customizing the Acquison to your specific requirements, to get you to the finish line faster. We can help you use the Acquison platform as a foundation and develop a daughtercard with just the new interfaces you need.


Call the Acquison design experts if you need assistance with:
Developing tailored daughtercard(s)
Interfacing analog sensors or controls
FPGA development
Ethernet / Rabbit application programming
USB firmware development
PC board and circuit design



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