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Company Mission

Go Technology Corporation develops innovative designs for customers needing new hardware and software systems ranging from prototype to production. Customers often need design engineering services but don't have available engineering staff or facilities. Go Technology clients enjoy access to a dedicated project engineering team, available as needed.

Clients find value in the quality of work performed, project management, rapid development times and reasonable rates. Go Technology Corporation maintains its own hardware and software development labs, outfitted with test equipment necessary for the product development process. Company strengths include analog and digital circuit designs (including FPGA and microcontroller development), sensor interfaces, data acquisition and control, real time embedded software development in C and assembly, Ethernet and USB interfaces, plus project management to make it all happen.

Our engineering pool includes a number of electrical and software engineers, all outstanding professionals in their fields. In addition, Go Technology has strong relationships with companies and individuals with expertise in PC side software, optics, mathematics, industrial design, market analysis and mechanical engineering.


Company Background

Go Technology Corp. was founded by Shawn McCutcheon in 1997. Shawn leads the company with extensive hands-on experience in hardware and software designs, as well as project and team management.

Of his twenty four years of product development, Shawn spent over ten years in medical electronic product design, including experience with bio-sensors, low-noise design, display systems, audio design, advanced digital systems, and EMC compliance design methods. His work led to several new product introductions, including catheter tip contact impedance sensing, 3D underwater mapping, cardiopulmonary diagnostic (VO2) system, a USB 2 based microscope and a portable patient monitor. Shawn has two patents and has contributed to many others.



Patent # 5,398,695

"Cardiopulmonary Performance Analyzer Having Dynamic Transit Time Compensation"

Patent # 5,502,660

"Dynamic Gas Density Compensation in Pulmonary Gas Analyzer Systems"


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