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Go Technology Corp. specializes in electronic circuit design and product development for functional prototype systems and full feature production design. Company strengths include electronic design engineering for a wide range of technologies, project management, digital and analog hardware design expertise, PC Board development services, and software development for embedded hardware.

Go Technology Corporation maintains its own hardware and software development labs, outfitted with test equipment and infrastructure necessary for the product development process.

Proven design tool technologies allow us to move more easily between the stages of design and fabrication. From specification through production, we provide the services our customers select. We can take full development responsibility, or just the pieces you choose to outsource.


Core Competencies

Design Engineering

Specifications, Schematic development, Simulation, PCB Layout, Component Selection, Performance Testing

PC Board Layout

Multi-Layer PCB layout, placement, routing, EMI/EMC techniques, fabrication, component engineering

Digital Hardware

CPLD and FPGAs developed with Verilog, DSP, RAM, flash memory, discrete logic, PAL, microcontroller, PIC and RabbitCore applications

Analog Hardware

Data acquisition, A/D, D/A, opamps, filters, low noise design, battery operation, sensor interface, EMI / EMC, RF wireless applications


Embedded C/C++, Dynamic C, Keil C, Real Time Acquisition and Control, DSP and digital filtering, Signal Processing, Ethernet, Communications

Project Management

Timelines and Scheduling, Project Team Selection, Product Cost Analysis, Risk Factor Analysis, Documentation


Functional Prototypes

Electronic hardware and software developed to fit your timeline and budget. Prototypes are useful for proving product feasibility and developing functional industrial designs for new product focus groups. Functional prototypes are typically developed to fully demonstrate product concepts, to aid prioritizing marketing features, and to support justification for production design resources.


Production Design

We also design production level systems and PC board assemblies with emphasis on design for manufacturability and cost reduction. Production test fixture development is also available to support the manufacturing phase of your product.


Staff Experience Keywords

Impedance measurement contact sensing for catheters

Battery charging (Lithium, NiCd, NiMH)

Multi-axis robot position sensing using resolvers

Medical sensor data acquisition

GPS and sonar acuisition for 3d underwater mapping

Image recognition camera system connected to PC via USB

Sensor acquisition board: 100 components in one square inch! Four channel 16 bit A/D, 1MHz serial digital interface.

SHARC DSP system for audio frequency processing, with four Codec channels of 16 bit A/D and D/A capability.

DSP based data acquisition and calibration system to support R&D and production testing of a pressure sensor system.

Various projects using PIC micro controllers, SHARC DSP, A/D data acquisition, ECG amplification, magnetic R/W, audio codecs

Image scanning system and sensors for confocal laser microscope

Handheld dry-lead ECG amplifier and IR pulse detector.

VO2 cardiopulmonary diagnostic system

Patient Monitoring display system for EL and LCD flat panels

ECG heart rate QRS detection



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