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Customers often need design engineering services but don't have available engineering staff or test equipment. Go Technology clients enjoy access to a dedicated project engineering team, available as needed. A partial list of resources available to support your applications:


Software Tools

Altium / Protel Schematic and PCB Layout
Xilinx ISE, EDK FPGA design, synthesis, system on chip
CircuitMaker Circuit simulation
Dynamic C Development environment for RabbitCore processors
Keil Compiler C environment for Cypress USB chips
LabView Acqusition, control and analysis
SolidWorks Mechanical 3D design
Codewright programming editor
Dreamweaver web and document development
RedHorse email and contact and account management


Lab Test Equipment - Sensor and Audio Lab

TEK2465 4 Channel Oscilloscope, 350 MHz
Mantis Stereo Microscope (by Vision Engineering)
LA1034 Logic Analyzer (USB based)
HP34401A Precision Multimeter
HP3575A Gain-Phase Meter
HP5335A Universal Counter

Digital Voltmeter

HP331A Distortion Analyzer
HP1631D Logic Analyzer
HP8016A Word Generator
HP3964A 4 Channel Instrumentation Recorder
HP3580A Spectrum Analyzer (100 KHz)
TM506 Mainframe and modules
TM503 Mainframe and modules
120-3418 Kenetic systems anti-vibration table
Weller EC1002 constant temperature soldering station


Infrastructure and Lab Stock

LabTool-48XP Advantech EPROM/PAL Programmer
Konica 2300DL magicolor laser printer
Computers Linux servers, routers - network infrastructure
HP Laserjet 5si A and B size laser printer
TEK2205 2 channel oscilloscope
HP7580B D size plotter
various 0603, 0805 & 1206 SMT reels and bulk
various 0603, 0805 & 1206 SMT reels and bulk
various surface mount and through-hole parts


Lab Test Equipment - Low Frequency RF Lab (up to 1 GHz)

HP8505A Network Analyzer (0.5 to 1300 MHz)
HP8558B Spectrum Analyzer (to 1500 MHz)
HP8620C RF Sweeper with modules
HP3455A Precision Digital Voltmeter
HP8640B Signal generator and modulator
HP8660C Signal generator, modulation and RF modules
HP8901B Modulation Analyzer
Tek 2465 4 channel oscilloscope, 300MHz
Tek TM504

Mainframe with modules

HP5340A Frequency Counter (10Hz - 18GHz)
HP1630D Logic Analyzer
Fluke 6080A Synthesized RF signal generator (to 1GHz)

Power Meters and sensors


Lab Test Equipment - High Frequency RF Lab (up to 18 GHz)

HP8350B RF Sweeper with modules
HP7550A Plotter (for Network Analyzer)
HP85027A Directional Bridge (10MHz - 18GHz)
HP11664A RF Detectors
HP8559A Spectrum Analyzer (21 GHz)
HP493A RF Amplifier (4-8 GHz)
HP5340A Frequency counter (10Hz - 18GHz)
HP3455A Digital Voltmeter
HP6253A Dual DC power supply (0-20V, 0-3A)



Recommended Reference Materials

"The Art of Electronics" by Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill

"C a Reference Manual" by Samuel P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele Jr.



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